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Desert Flower

The film «Desert Flower» is about the life story of Waris Dirie. In it, we get to see the stark contrasts in her life story, from growing up as a nomad in the middle of the desert in Somalia, to a supermodel and UN ambassador famous worldwide. The film contrasts the nomadic desert and crueltyFortsett å lese «Desert Flower»

Across Cultures

After reading about the so called «Cultural Iceberg», I thought about how this should be influencing our thoughts about culture. When someone thinks of culture, their mind is hardwired to follow the culture they grew up with, but knowing small details can be immensely helpful to avoid embarrassing situations. These details allow us to rememberFortsett å lese «Across Cultures»

Learning about Western Sahara

What I learnt is that is that Spain had colonised West Sahara until the 1970s, when they were under increasing pressure by the UN to withdraw, which the spanish complied to. However, the process was severly weakened by the fatc that Spain’s dictator, Fransisco Franco, had died. This led to the Spanish withdrawing earlier withoutFortsett å lese «Learning about Western Sahara»

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